Hire of Diesel & Electric Air Compressors, Power Generators, Welding Machines, Guniting and Sand Blasting Hoppers, Dewatering Pumps, Pneumatic Rock Breakers, Drill Machines, Chippers and other Construction Equipment serving in all over India like Mumbai, Pune, Calcutta, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vizag and other Indian Cities.


Q) What are the various categories of Construction Equipments you provide on Hire?

A) We offer a wide range of Construction Equipments on Hire / Rental Basis which are mentioned below

• Portable Air Compressors
• Pneumatic Rock Breakers ,Drill Machines ,Chippers
• Diesel Power Generators (D.G.Sets)
• Diesel Welding Generators
• Welding Rectifiers
• Guniting Hoppers
• Sand Blasting Hoppers
• Diesel and Electric Dewatering Pumps

Q )What are the various categories of Construction Equipments you provide on Hire?

A) In Portable Air Compressors, we offer a wide range in each of the categories of Air Compressors based on the clients needs and requirement. The different Types of Air Compressors we offer on Rental Basis are as mentioned below:

a) Portable Diesel Air Compressors : Portable Diesel Air Compressors come fitted with Diesel Engine as prime mover in which case High Speed Diesel is used as fuel to run the Diesel Air Compressor unit. The Compressor side in the Portable Diesel Air Compressor unit is available in both Screw type as well as in Reciprocating type.As the unit is trolley mounted, hence it is portable and can easily be shifted at the work site from one location to another.

b) Portable Electric Air Compressors : Portable Electric Air Compressors come fitted with Electric Motor as prime mover in which case High Voltage A.C Power Supply is used to operate the Electric Air Compressor Unit.The Compressor side in the Portable Electric Air Compressor unit is available in both Screw type as well as in Reciprocating type. As the unit is trolley mounted, hence it is portable and can easily be shifted at the work site from one location to another.
Even in the Portable Diesel and Electric Air Compressors, we offer a wide ranging capacity to choose from as mentioned in the table below.

  Portable Diesel Air Compressors  250CFM, 335 to 600 CFM at 100 PSIG.
 Pressure, 450 CFM at 150 PSIG. Pressure
  Portable Electric Air Compressors  75 HP - 282 CFM, 40 HP - 142 CFM at 100 PSIG.  Pressure
  Portable Electric Air Compressors -   Small Range  0.5 , 3 , 5 , 7.5 to 20HP at 100 PSIG. Pressure

Q) What are the various Air accessories and Equipments which can be Hired from you along with your Air Compressors?

A) We provide a wide variety of Acessories and equipments which make use of Air Compressor and hence can be hired along with the air compressor for your specific job requirements.the various Air Accessories and Equipments we give on hire are

Rock Breakers are ideally suited as Demolition tools to deliver the power for demolition of foundation walls of concrete and bricks, cutting and breaking pavements, trenching, temping, pile driving, removing slag from ladder and furnaces and many other applications.

Rock Drills (Jack Hammers) are available as wet or dry machines and in the various range of tools suitable for general excavation, blast-hole drilling, shaft sinking, tunneling quarry work, road work, Construction and maintenance applications such as driving or setting machinery anchors and drilling holes in concrete, bricks or rock.

Pneumatic Chippers are special purpose tools, specially designed for chipping, caulking, sealing, scraping and stonework

Sand Blasting / Shot Blasting Hopper setup usually consists of three different parts: the abrasive itself, an air compressor, and the Sand Blasting Hopper. Sandblasting is primarily used for two somewhat different applications. The first of these is to clean a surface of anything that may be clinging to it. The second is to either etch or carve designs or words into glass or a similar material. Sandblasting as a cleaning method has been widely used for over a hundred years, often as a method of priming a surface for the application of paint or a sealant. When painting, one doesn't want to trap dust, dirt, or bubbles in a previous layer of paint, or other imperfections under the new layer. By launching small bits of abrasive at the surface at a high speed, all imperfections are knocked loose and can then be easily washed off, creating an incredibly smooth surface upon which to lay the new layer of paint. Sandblasting may also be used for such projects as cleaning the hulls of ships or large fabricated structures suchs as channels and beams In decorating glass, sandblasting is a wonderfully popular technique, with few substitutes. While hand-etching is possible, it is incredibly time consuming and expensive, and laser-etching has a range of flaws which make it a questionable choice. There are two main ways in which sandblasting is used to decorate glass: etching and carving. In glass etching, abrasive is blasted at the glass lightly to turn the glass semi-opaque. This 'whiting' or 'snowing' of the glass can be used to great effect to produce words or images. By adjusting the speed of the sandblasting and the angle from which the abrasive is being launched, differing shades can be created, allowing for some true works of art. Glass is carved by steadily sandblasting the surface through a stencil which protects the areas you don't want to be carved out. S

Guniting Hopper refers to the dry-mix process, in which the dry cementitious mixture is blown through a hose to the nozzle, where water is injected immediately before application.. The concrete is blasted by pneumatic pressure from a gun, hence "gun"-ite.

Guniting means blowing dry material out of a hose with compressed air, wetting it as it was released. This was later used to patch weak parts in old buildings. Guniting Hopper or "cement gun" is the equipment used, and "gunite", the material that was produced.

The dry mix method involves placing the dry ingredients into a hopper and then conveying them pneumatically through a hose to the nozzle. The nozzleman controls the addition of water at the nozzle. The water and the dry mixture is not completely mixed, but is completed as the mixture hits the receiving surface. This requires a skilled nozzleman, especially in the case of thick or heavily reinforced sections. Advantages of the dry mix process are that the water content can be adjusted instantaneously by the nozzleman, allowing more effective placement in overhead and vertical applications without using accelerators. The dry mix process is useful in repair applications when it is necessary to stop frequently, as the dry material is easily discharged from the hose.

Reinforcement sprayed concrete is reinforced by conventional steel rods, steel mesh, and/or fibers. Fiber reinforcement (steel or synthetic) is also used for stabilization in applications such as slopes or tunneling.

Q) What are the various types and capacities of Diesel Power Generators (D.G.Sets) you provide on Hire ?

A) We provide on Hire, standard Gensets which are not covered with sound proof acoustic canopy, because of which there is cost cutting in purchase of these D.G. sets. Hence they are available at nominal rates and can be used where there is no sound issue. We provide trolley mounted Diesel Power Generators from 3.5 K.V.A. to 125 K.V.A. which can be used for cross country pipelines & other mobiles job works.the specific capacities available within this range are 3.5 KVA , 7.5 KVA , 10 KVA , 15 KVA , 20 KVA , 25 KVA ,30 KVA , 40 KVA , 50KVA , 63 KVA and 125 KVA

Q) What are the various types and capacities of dewatering pumps available with you on rental basis and where can I get the details for a specific capacity of dewatering pump?

A) We supply on hire , Kirloskar range of self priming dewatering pumps , fitted with either electric motor or Diesel Engine as prime mover.These pumps are used Where self priming action is required as in following cases:

• Marine - Pumping water from docks, ports, vessels.
• Industrial - Pumping petroleum products, chemicals, effluents, ash-water etc.
• Civil construction - Dewatering foundations, trenches and pits.
• Mobile Machinery - Cooling water for maine engines and shovels.
• Public utilities - sewage pumping.

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